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Why do I need a Life Coach?

I feel stuck or lost and want to take control of my life.

I’ve got a goal to pursue but need to open doors.

I want to find a purpose to my life and plan the steps to get there.

I’ve got so many ideas in my mind that I can’t make any of them come true.

I don’t believe in myself as much as I should.

I’ve got emotional obstacles that I want to get rid of.

I want to become a better version of myself.


The time for change has come.

Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.

Book now a Powerful Coaching Conversation with me.

Together, we will organise your mind so you can find a way out.



Alexandre has a unique way of helping. He will give you a very different point of view and motivate you. I recommend him.

Kate Kubiak - Finance Analyst @ Bloomberg LP


The coaching program lead by Alexandre was great. It thoroughly guided me to think through and to define my objectives, setting my strategies and take action to make them happen. The sessions were at the right length so they were easy to fit around my schedule.

Elielson Capitani - Head of UK IT Development, Finance and Project Management @ SSP UK


Doing coaching sessions with Alex is a great learning experience. Within a few weeks I have noticed a change in my daily behavior and a continuous improvement in my personal and professional development. Alex is prepared and knows how to guide us so that we can make better decisions in our lives and so that we can achieve our goals according to our life and career planning. Highly recommended for those looking for a personal and professional orientation.

Leandro Reis - International Operations Manager @ BMI Media


Alex is a great coach. He doesn’t judge you for what you say and makes you feel comfortable in doing so. This is especially useful if you’re an anxious person. Getting life coach sessions is definitely something worth trying out.

Yassmeen Elkholy - Web/Graphic Designer @ BMI Media


Alex helped me to focus on my goal of being an artist, he suggested and drove me to the right moves to do. After only 2 sessions I have already seen amazing changes, feeling more confident obviously to go on. I extremely do recommend him to take you to the next level.

Antonio D’Andrea - Artist



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